Vitali is Vital Products' range of locally produced tomato products.


Vitali Tomato Puree is prepared from the pulp hand picked juicy ripe tomatoes. Free from skin and seeds, it adds the delicious tang of tomat, your soup, making it thick rich and appetizing. Tomato puree can be used in soups, stews, sauces, or any other dish where the tomato flavor is desired, without the texture.

Introduced in 2005 and packet locally, Vitali Double Concentrated Tomato Paste was awarded the best tomato paste in West Africa and is well received by consumers for its fresh taste.

Vitali Tomato Ketchup is locally manufactured and the perfect food supplement.


Tomato Puree: tomatoes, water, salt

Tomato Paste: tomato (double concentrated), salt

Tomato Ketchup: tomatoes, salt, spices, starch, water, stabilisers, vegetable oil, peprica


Tomato Puree: 35gr, 70gr, 200gr

Tomato Paste: 70gr, 140gr, 210gr, 400gr and 70gr tin

Tomato Ketchup: 10gr (sachet), 200gr (bottle)