All our products are packaged under the most stringent quality conditions where the whole production cycle operates at clockwork precision to ensure that our products are 100% safe for human consumption.

We maintain a closed production system that emphasizes optimal water treatment to maintain absolute purity and fitness for consumption. He PH level is then tested to conform to minimum standards before production commences.

This shows the importance we attach to safety, hygiene and quality control in all our processes right from the factory floor to the various distribution points for our products.

Our corporate philosophy underlines the importance of good health and nutrition to the healthy development of a nation. This is why we continue to invest in quality care, machines and best skills to ensure that our products maintain the product and service delivery expectations of consumers.

Our flagshio Vitavite range of fruit drinks come in Orange, Pineapple, Apple and blackcurrant flavours in 200 ml flexi packs and 250 ml tetra packs for children and youngsters alike. Vitavite contains multivitamins to build strong and heathly body.

Zico, a flavoured drink is enriched with Vitamin C, which is needed for building resistance to diseases.

The company has also explored a new packaging concept for the production of tomato paste, puree and ketchup in flexible sachets for easy opening, storage and disposal. This is aimed at substantially reducing the price at which the product is made available to the market. Minimizes the health risk of food contamination and also champions the need for the protection of the environment.

The company in its drive for research and development has also come up with Vitali tomato paste and Energee plus brand of energy drink.

Vitali tomato paste was introduced into the Nigerian market in 2005. The concept of the flexible packing was introduced for the first time in the Nigerian market with Vitali tomato paste.

It was well received by consumers. In 2006, the West African Direct Marketing awarded it the best tomato paste in West Africa in a prestigious ceremony at Sheraton Hotel and Towers Lagos.

Energee Plus in flexi packs was introduced in 2005. It was introduced as the first energy drink in the Nigerian market in flexible packs making it highly affordable to the masses.