Vitavite Fan Club

The VitaVite fan club was set up by a team of young Nigerians at Vital Products Plc, they saw the love the children had for the product and wanted to create a community that is educational and interactive, between children and correspondence between schools and the company. They are are passionate about VitaVite and the enjoyment and education of children. This Fan Club was set up to initiate a movement in schools, so that children can be educated, can win prizes and feel that they belong to an extended family of similar beliefs and values.

VitaVite is an established and much loved children’s favourite drink, the fan club is a way of brining together children who have the same love to share in great activities and learn about nutrition and healthcare. The VitaVite Children’s Day Party is a FANTASTIC yearly event on May 27th. We have bouncy castles, train rides, lots of food, popcorn, candyfloss, caterpillar slides, obstacle courses, relay races, entertainment, games, dance competitions and so much more. All our members are welcome. The brand is for the children and we want the children to have control of their favourite drink brand.

The VitaVite Fan Club activite include:

  • Dance Competitions
  • Access to our VitaVite Childrens Day Party
  • Interhouse Sports day & Cultural Days
  • Excursions to our VitaVite & Vitali factory
  • The VitaVite Fan Club wants to nurture children, in a fun and a exciting environment that encourages them to want to be part of the VitaVite family
  • The fan club will also allow the child to take control of the brand, participate in our numerous competitions and make their statements heard


The mission is to establish an environment for children to share. Factory excursions, competitions and the VitaVite Childrens Day Partys are all examples of the ways in which we bring children and education together.

The vision is to allow the child to own our brand, call it their own and have a voice. We would love to spread the club across Nigeria and create a community that can share together and be the preferred choice of club for all the children.


  • Age Group 3-12 years old
  • The child must love VitaVite
  • Parents approval (and sometimes participation!)
  • All children are welcome
  • 1,500 Naira per child


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