The Company has diversified into food processing and preservation in line with sustained focus on new product development. In this, we have invested in the Individual Quick Freezing technology in fruits and vegetables processing and preservation. This process ensures that food products pass through the temperature zone of -5 to -40 degrees c very quickly; leaving very low and safe microbial counts which ensures that food is free of harmful bacteria and safe for consumption. This is important considering the effect of time, the hot climate and distance travelled on the transportation and preservation of food products across Africa and other continents. Our product range in this category include pre-cut potato fries and unprocessed vegetable like peas, carrots and fresh vegetables. We have the facility to process mangoes and pineapples to pulp and freeze. This will no doubt tap into the vast potentials to export processed fruits.


The tomato paste is thoroughly weighed in an enclosed but ventilated area. Mixing is done with the aid of a stirrer and transferred to the holding tank and heated up to 90-95 degrees celsius. The prepared paste is fed continuously via the filling machine tank to hot pouches which pass through the conveyor to the coolers. The cooled pouches pass through the air blower to dry, are packed into cartons and transferred to the warehouse.


The weighing is done in an enclosed but ventilated area. Sugar and treated water are mixed into a syrup and steam boiled to 80-85 degrees celsius. The syrup is filtered and transferred to the batch preparation tank where it is mixed with the concentrated juice, vitamin premix, citric acid and sodium benzoate and stirred through the circulation pump. The beverage is then passed through the beverage tank for pasteurization at 90-95 degrees celsius. The pasteurized beverage is fed continuously through the filling machine tank to hot pouch. Straws are inserted into the filled pouch via automation and the pouches are sealed. The pouches are then passed through the coolers to the air blower to dry, packed into cartons and transferred to the warehouse.