Our distributors are key to our business. We recognize the role they play in getting our products to the market no matter the distance. In recognition of the role of our channel partners in getting our products to the consumer, we offer attractive trade incentives to them and allow them to recruit trade promoters, canvassers and wholesalers on our behalf.

We are in a strategic relationship with a group of fruit growers and farmers in various regions across the country, subsidizing the cost of their seedlings and buying directly from them at harvest at a cost that justifies their investment on land and labour. We do this to save them the costs associated with transportation, middlemen and storage to ensure that the fruits arrive at the production factory in their fresh state.

For us, improving the lot of our farmers through basic crop subsidies and assisting them is our way of ploughing back into those communities that serve as our source of raw material. In doing this, we invest in the lives of the people who contribute to making our dream a reality and in our own future as a company.

Technical Guidance

Vital Products Ltd has an agreement with Vital Pharmaceuticals Ltd of London for all its technical support and guidance in areas of sourcing and effective utilisation of technological advancements in fields of packaging, storage, distribution, marketing and product development.