Our greatest assets are our people. We value our people and the values they bring to work in ensuring that we maintain high quality hygiene and consistency in delivering value to our customers.

We source 95% of our talents in Nigeria while we also invest in foreign technical skill to train, develop and motivate our people.

Vital Products Ltd places a premium on continuous staff training. In fulfillment of the standard requirements for the ISO 9001:2000 award, we have re-engineered our processes to emphasize qualitative training and consistent refresher courses in quality control, production processes and IT compliance for our staff. Workshops and seminars are organized regularly to acquaint our staff with the latest trends in food production and packaging processes as well as innovative trends in marketing and distribution.

At Vital Products Ltd, we share a collective vision about who we are, where we are headed and our place in history. This is why we have positioned the company as the new agent of positive change in the Foods and Beverages industry in Nigeria, blazing the trail for a truly home grown economy. The company presently hosts an internal satellite link with the parent company in the UK making it easier for internal networking and communication across various departments.